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Free PPI Calculator – How Much Could Your Claim Be Worth?

At ppiclaimscalculator247.co.uk our mission is to help UK individuals who have been miss sold payment protection insurance to win compensation for their miss sold ppi policy.

We have helped UK residents claim millions in refunds on their miss sold policies.

What Does The Claims Calculator Do?

The way it works, is you input your information into the form and hit “submit” then you will be contacted by our advisors who will advise you of the next stage in the proceedings, the calculator is a way for you to make contact with expert ppi handlers that can, after some investigation advise you as to whether you could be due compensation or if this is not the case.

This is a quick online method of getting in touch with advisers that enables you to receive a free check (no upfront fees) to find out if you could be due compensation, there is no obligation with this service, & the best part about it is if you have a valid case we can help you win compensation.

What Is The Use Of A PPI Calculator?

Different calculators have slightly different uses, some ppi calculators are designed to tell you how much you can claim, however this can be from the “highly inaccurate” to the “completely false” which is why on this website we don’t provide figures for people, but instead once you input your details our advisers will get in touch to find out more, this way you can be offered a more accurate and representative service, as opposed to being provided an inaccurate figure that might not be the figure in offers from the banks (or the company that miss sold you ppi).

Either way we will fight for the maximum compensation that you are entitled to (if the claim is a true claim) because that is what we endeavour towards whilst working on your behalf, so there is no cause for concern about making contact with us – we just leave out any potentially false promises.

Are Your Services *No Win No Fee?

Yes, there are no upfront fees with our service, and you only pay the fee if you win the claim, there is only a fee payable (before case completion) if you cancel our services after the 2 weeks cooling off period, this is because we will be in an advanced stage in regard to your investigation by that point, meaning that it would cost us money and time if you were to cancel beyond that point, for which there would be a small fee payable.

Why Should I Claim With PPIClaimsCalculator247.co.uk As Opposed To Any Other Company?

We have a long term proven success record & have helped people win sums of compensation that adds up in the millions in refunds.

We Have trained staff that will deal with your case immediately to get your claim ready and out to the banks’ as efficiently as possible, but the service doesn’t stop there, we will continue to chase and pursue your claim with the banks in order to make it as likely as possible that you win compensation (if you are entitled to a refund and have been miss sold ppi), in short, if there is a claim to be won, the chances are we can help you win it.

More About The PPI Scandal

During the course of the last decade the major banks (and many non major banks) along with corporations large and small, have engaged in unethical means of selling payment protection insurance (PPI) which has resulted in millions of UK consumers of the financial sector, being miss sold ppi on a grand scale.

Because of a court rulling back in May 2011, there is legislation in place that enables mis selling victims to reclaim their ppi (& interest) which gave rise to an influx of claims by these victims, resulting in billions of £££ worth of refunds.

There are still billions of pounds ready to be reclaimed by the many victims of ppi mis selling, however many people have not claimed yet, probably due to one of the following reasons:

– Haven’t yet gotten around to it/better things to do with their time than chase the banks or other credit companies.

– Are as of yet unaware that they could be owed compensation (many of the people that make contact with ppi claims companies do so under a suspicion, or by an “offchance” they are owed a refund).

– They feel the claims’ process could be tough, awkward, difficult to manage and they have thus procrastinated & done nothing about the issue, putting it off to be put right at a later date.

We can help solve all 3 of those issues straightaway by offering the following:

Our Free PPI Claims Check – We Check Your Claim To Find Out If There Is PPI Attached To It
We Take The Hassle Of Investigating & Pursuing Your Claim – All On A No Win No Fee Basis
If It Is Found There Is No PPI On Your Arrangements There Are No Fees Payable

What Is Required Of Me, The Claimant?

Input your details into the “ppi calculator” above, our advisers’ with receive your information (this is totally private & we pass your data to no one other than our advisers’).

Once your details are received by our advisers, they with make contact with you about your ppi claim, please be available to speak with them, because it is likely we will need additional information in order to better serve your needs & maximise the chances of winning your claim.

After all necessary information is gathered by our staff, we then proceed with your claim, working on a no win no fee basis, to prepare and pursue your case (which if successful, will result in a refund of compensation to you, for which we will charge our fee).

Your Burning Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) Questions Answered

Would I Pay Tax If I Successfully Claim My PPI?

Answer: NOT in the way that you may imagine: you ONLY pay tax on the interest which amounts to a small amount of your claim.

You don’t pay tax on the refund amount/award from your claim, but you do on the 8% interest. However this is only in certain circumstances.

If you successfully reclaim your payment protection insurance then you should be awarded 8% interest on top for every year that you held the PPI policy.

This interest is to represent the money you would’ve earned if your money would have been kept in a savings account and is usually given to claimants untaxed by the lender, meaning that there is no tax paid at the time of the refund.

You would need to take it up with the HMRC to find out the exact amount you would owe in tax however it would only be on the interest received NOT on the actual ppi compensation award, & some other good news is the fact that it can be incorporated with your tax code, meaning the small proportion of tax you may owe can be spread out over the year.

It is worth clarifying this with the HMRC (& also your accountant if you have one) as they will have a better indication and more exposure to your tax affairs than any other third party.

What Happens If No PPI Is Found On My Policy?

If there is no ppi present then there is no way to claim ppi. However, we strongly advise that you get in touch with us so we can check on this for you, mainly due to the fact that a large proportion of the claims applicants that assumed they didn’t have a viable claim later found they did in fact have a valid claim & as a result were awarded compensation, on that basis we recommend you get in touch with us.

More Information On The PPI Claims Scandal:

In light of the recent, or rather not so recent, Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) scandal, there are probably things you want more information on. While we would like to answer ALL of your questions this is often not possible without further investigation, however we will provide as much information as we cans.

What we will try to accomplish in this article though, is to answer the questions that seemingly most people want answers to.

We highly encourage you to contact a PPI advisor (made possible through our “ppi calculator” to the upper section of the page, we are also contactable via phone) if you have further questions and concerns that you can’t seem to find answers to. Here’s a closer look at some things that you probably have been already asking about.

How Was I Even Mis-Sold A Claim?

If you count yourself as someone who is always on top of things, then you may be wondering how this got by you. There were several ways that these policies were mis-sold, and in some cases the wording used was different, which made it even more difficult for consumers to catch.

Some people were told that the insurance was mandatory to take out, and many were even made to look as if they were “a part” of the actual loan or credit card and not “apart” from it.

What If I Am Still Paying Off The Loan?

If you are still paying off a loan or any other borrowed funds, then you can still file a claim. Just keep in mind that any refunds may be taken from the amount that you already owe.

In essence, you may not be getting the actual money back to you in a physical form, but you will be receiving it. In turn your balance will be lowered, as it will be applied to the money that you owe.

What If I Paid Off The Loan And No Longer Have An Account?

Whether or not you still have an account with the store, credit card company or the particular bank is not the issue. What matters is if you were sold a policy that you didn’t know about or were not given enough information about to make that decision (hence the term “miss-sold”).

You can still check and see if you were mis-sold a claim. If you were, the fact that the loan or otherwise borrowed funds is paid off, doesn’t make a difference. You are still owed that money and you should be able to collect on it.

Am I Allowed A Certain Amount Of Complaints? Or Can I Claim an Unlimited Number Of Times?

This question is one that you may be dealing with as you may have multiple accounts or loans that were taken out in the past. If you have several credit cards, store credit cards and loans that you have taken out in the past, then you may have more coming back to you.

What’s important is not how many policies you were sold, but that they were improperly sold to you in the first place. There is a good possibility that you may have been sold multiple policies, even within the same bank or lender (this is a fact that is much more easier to be clear on once you have made contact with us either through the online ppi calculator above or via our phone number at the top of the page).

If you use one lender or have in the past and have multiple loans and credit cards, or did with them, then it’s best for you to contact them and see if you have multiple complaints to make.

Should you decide to make use of our ppi calculator you will be able to specify the amount of claims you would like to make, however if this figure later proves inaccurate it doesn’t matter as our team will investigate on your behalf anyway.

Here are some example ppi calculations showing some ballpark figures in terms of contributions from payments that could have been paid into a payment protection insurance policy:

PPI Calculator

*Ball Park Figures not intended to be specific example of an existing case hence the broad scale of examples, intended for example and information purposes only.

Do Store Credit Cards Count?

Often times, especially in situations like this, individuals may feel that only unsecured credit cards and loans actually count. This isn’t the case and isn’t true.

There is a pretty good chance that you were sold a PPI policy on your store credit card. If the store credit card company was engaging in the selling of these policies, then sellers of the policy more than likely brought it up to you. Or may have added it on without you knowing.

Please understand that we are not saying that they did or didn’t, just saying that it may have possibly been. The only way for you to find out is to do your research and find out for yourself. If you’d rather someone else do it for you, then contact a PPI advisor for some assistance.

Since This Is All Out In The Open, Shouldn’t They Be Contacting Me?

It seems it should be this way, shouldn’t it? When car manufacturers have a recall on a vehicle for a specific part, or to do repairs, then they reach out to customers.

While it would be great if it was this way, the sad fact is only some are doing it as it has become required of them. Many others are not.

Don’t wait and see if the former happens. What you need to do, as there is a deadline and timeline on making your complaint, is find out for yourself. There may be others that you know, such as family and friends, who may have been affected as well, so be sure and mention it to them.

Should I Pursue The Claim Myself Or Have Someone Else Do It?

This really is up to you. If you have done these sorts of things before, then you may want to just handle things on your own. However, you may want to have an expert take care of it for you.

There are PPI experts out there, who have already gone through the process and won claims on behalf of their clients. There are some companies who won’t collect a fee unless your claim is won, which is a winning situation for all parties involved.

If you are uncomfortable with the process or just don’t want to deal with it, then it may be well worth your time to just have someone else do it. If you decide to go this route, then be sure to choose a company with advisors that have a proven track record and one that won’t collect a fee unless you win your claim.

We hope that this article helped to answer most of the questions that you may have already been thinking about. While it may not be comfortable to think about or pursue, there may be some money that is owed to you from a past PPI policy.

Take the time to look into your options and take action if you do indeed have a claim to make, if you require our services don’t hesitate to make contact with us.