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Why People Are Choosing A PPI Calculator To Help Them Determine If They Have A Claim

In the ppi claims market there is currently a boom in the amount of people making claims.

This comes as a result of the recent FCA announcement of the fact that the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) are thinking of introducing a deadline for ppi claims ending in June 2019.

People are using “PPI Calculators” or “PPI Claims Calculators” mainly due to the fact that they can given an estimation as to if you have a valid claim, or the value of your claim, however, this is best handled by an adviser that has had the time to investigate your claim, that is why ppi calculators ideally should be utilised as a means to get in touch with an expert adviser’ (remember you are under no obligation).

What does this mean for British PPI Mis selling Victims?

If you have not yet made a ppi claim, you have until June 2019 to make your claim, however, if you make a claim after June 2019 you may well have missed the opportunity and therefore will not be able to claim compensation.

You need to hurry up and make a claim if you wish to avoid the backlog that comes with the influx of claims that are expected.

Why are the financial authorities and banks expecting an influx of ppi claims?

This is because the FCA announcement is due to be accompanied by an “awareness campaign” that is designed to raise awareness to ppi victims that they can still claim ppi compensation, however there is an “official deadline” to do so.

The influx of claims is expected to commence once the official statement is made that the claims deadline will be implemented, the awareness campaign will target individuals whom have not yet claimed their PPI compensation and is designed to prompt them into action before the deadline.

How Can I Begin My PPI claim?

Starting your claim is easy, all you need to do is fill out the quick online form to the upper right hand side of the page to begin the procedure, you will be contacted by an expert adviser that will walk you through what needs to be done.

The adviser will prepare and submit the claim on your behalf, all you need to do is provide some detail about the circumstances of the suspected mis-selling and we will guide you through the process and pursue your claim through to completion (if there is a valid ppi claim found).

To begin a ppi claim click here, and we will get to work pursuing compensation on your behalf.

How much compensation can I expect to win?

Usual compensation scales range between £2,000 and £4,000 however payouts for miss sold ppi have been both larger and smaller than that range.

It depends on the nature of your claim, the nature of the financial product, and the amount of time you ppi policy stood for with you making contributions into it.